Maintenance Support

Helicopter flying by Powerlines

Who We Are

Aerial Support for Powerlines

Helicopters are the easiest and most effective way to monitor and service powerlines.

Our fleet is able to patrol over existing power line routes and can produce environmental surveys fast.

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Our Philosophy

4 Core Values


Striving for Safety

We insure a healthy work environment that protects our employees, customers and public through all flight operations. 


Attaining Efficiency

We work to attain the systems and skills that are required to start and complete each project accuratley and efficiently.


Pledging to do our Best

Our dedicated team of experienced pilots, mechanics and professionals are always pushing to surpass expectations.


Embracing Challenges

Every challenge we face is met with the commitment to deliver the best results that are consistent with our values.

Helicopter lifting workers in harnesses

Powerline Tower at Sunset


  • Human External Cargo/“Short Haul”
  • Aerial Firefighting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Personnel Transportation
  • Precision External Cargo/Sling Load
  • Debris Removal
  • Aerial Survey and Patrol


  • FAA Part 135 Air Carrier
  • FAA Part 133 External Load Ops: Cat A,B & C w/Human Ext. Cargo
  • FAA Part 137 Agricultural Ops
  • HAZMAT Authorizations
Maintenance Support

Helius Helicopter Crew / Team

Our Team

Certified Experts

Our passion for aviation inspires the safest and highest quality environment for our team and those we work with.

Training and re-qualification is conducted annually with all flight personnel, to ensure that you get the most qualified in the field everytime you work with us.

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