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Helicopter Services

Powerline Construction & Maintenance

Our highly skilled team provides utility support services ranging from lead restoration to conductor installation.

Environmental Aerial Survey's and Transportation

Assist in collecting geomatics or other imagery by using our helicopters and UAVs. On demand passenger, crew and cargo transport.

Disaster Recovery, Storm Restoration & Response

Damage assessment and inspection of affected areas. Acquisition and supervision of aerial support along with crew management of recovery teams. Wreck-out and reconstruction of power lines and infrastructure.

Safety & Performance

Industry Leaders

Safety is our cornerstone to which our operation yields. Our skilled personnel undergo rigorous and continuous training to keep our focus on “mission first, safety always”.


days on job


Years Accident & Incident Free

Minimum Vibrations

A 6th blade to the main rotor system minimizes helicopter vibrations and reduces pilot and crew fatigue.

Proven Safety

NOTAR systems eliminate crashes due to the tailrotor strikes or loss of tail rotor effectiveness.

Reduced Workload

The Coanda Effect provides tail boom lift and anti-torque -- reduceing the sensitivity to wind direction.

Noise Reduction

NOTAR-equipped helicopters are among the quietest certified helicopters available.

Recent Projects


American Electric Power

Sorenson 765kV East and West Transmission Project

Construct 2 new single circuit 765kV transmission lines. Each line will originate from tap points on the existing Dumont-Marysville 765kV line and will terminate at Sorenson Station. The Sorenson 765kV Extension, West line will be 6.46 miles long and will consist of 33 lattice towers. The Sorenson 765kV East line will be 8.16 miles long and will consist of 37 lattice towers.

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority

Puerto Rico hurricane recovery efforts from March 2018 to Present

In February 2018, HELIUS joined the Puerto Rico Recovery Efforts to help restore power due to the hurricanes of 2017. HELIUS is assisting in building a solid energy grid with our MD 600’s and Robinson 44. We are honored to be a part of this major recovery project.

MidAmerican Energy Company

MVP 3 and 4 345kV/161kV Transmission Project

Installed 121 miles of double circuit 345kV / 161kV self-weathering steel monopoles including removal of existing 161kV in existing ROW. Installed / Expanded three 345kV Substations including O’Brien, Kossuth, and Webster. Installed 71 miles of MVP 4 transmission line of DC345/ 161kV self-weathering steel monopoles, including removal of existing 161kV transmission line in existing ROW. Includes one 345kV Black Hawk Substation Expansion. Read more